Lofty Ladakh

Ladakh, Land of Passes, is the highest inhabited land in the world. The exquisite pictur esque of Ladakh boasts of exceptional beautiful. Flabbergasting snow-capped mountains, sprawling lakes, golden sandunes define the physical face of this place. Dotted with picture perfect gompas, decorated monasteries, whitewashed stupas, and Ladakh revels in its beauty. The isolated wilderness with extreme climates is very alluring. Architecture of this place reflects the influences of Tibetan, Indian and Buddhist style. A perfect amalgamation of different traditions, rituals and practices, Ladakh is the epitome of diverse cultures.

How To Get Here By Flight

Ladakh is capital Leh has a well-built airport, which is at a distance of 4 kms from the main town on Srinagar Highway. Airport Shuttle bus services and hired taxis can take one to any destination within the city.

By Train

Due to the rugged terrain, there is no direct rail connectivity to that area. However, Ladakh can be reached conveniently by trains arriving at Jammu Tawi. Jammu Tawi being the nearest railway station is at a distance of 680 kms from Ladakh. Buses and cabs can be taken to reach the desired location in Ladakh.

By Bus

Ladakh can be reached conveniently by bus through the Kashmir Valley on Srinagar Leh Road (435 kms).Regular buses and mini buses ply on daily bases making Ladakh accessible. Hired taxis are another feasible and convenient mode of transport within Ladakh.

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